It's not rocket science. It's aviation science!
About Us
Erecting a metal structure may seem simple, but building a functional and reliable hangar is not. With over 35 years experience erecting structural steel, our Project Manager has the experience necessary to build your hangar properly.

Combining this experience with 45 years of aviation industry exposure ensures an end product that will exceed your expectations.

At Crosswind Properties, you can rest assured every detail is handled professionally and promptly. We serve our clients in these areas:

Site Selection - With so many airports to choose from, what makes sense for you? We are in contact with many local airports. This gives us valuable insight into which airports are most appropriate for your needs.

Land Acquisition - We have land already leased or purchased at several Northern California airports. Most airports are difficult to negotiate with. In fact, many have waiting lists making access difficult. With us, your project can start almost immediately. This saves time and money ensuring your project will become a reality.

Hangar Design - We build to suit your needs. We know hangar design. It's more than four sides and a big door. Mezzanines, plumbing, communications, ventilation, automation, lighting and electrical needs must all be considered.

Cost Effective Construction - Since we are building hangars now, the economies of scale work in your favor. This means you get what you pay for.

Risk - What happens when there is a problem during construction? It's our problem, not yours. Let's face it, there are always unexpected issues during any significant project. We ensure you are delivered a turnkey solution so you can focus on your business and not your hangar.

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Current Projects
We have built and have land avilable for executive hangars on several California airports including Lincoln Airport, (KLHM) Marysville Airport.(KMYV) Ganser Airport (2O1)  Nervino (O02) These hangar sizes include 40,000 sf. FBO, 5,000 sf FBO units, 80'X80', 60'X80', 60'X50' and several "six-pac's" which are (6)  50'X40' units under one roof. We can build to suit your specific needs. Call for specifications and prices for hangars on your airport.  We have rental hangars on several other Airports including Lincoln and Gnoss Field. Call for specs. We will help sell your hangar, call us we have lists of buyers looking for the right hangar!!